Originally the personal vehicle of Ford Motor Company President Edsel Ford, the Lincoln Continental was born into greatness. The first generation model officially hit the streets in 1939 and was available as a coupe or convertible. Following the attack on Pearl Harbor and the United States' entry into World War II, the Continental halted production from 1942 to 1946. 1948 saw the end of the first generation of the luxury car, but it didn't go out without leaving its mark. The 1948 Lincoln Continental was the last car in the United States to boast a V12 engine.

The Continental didn't reappear until it was revived in 1956, this time under its own marque. Produced by the Continental Division of Ford, it featured the highest-quality design ever seen in the automotive industry. At the time, its $10,000 price tag rivaled the likes of Rolls-Royce. Even more shocking, the company actually lost money for every Continental sold. As a result, the Continental left the market again following the 1957 model year.

A new Continental hit the market with a new design and price in 1958. Like the previous generation, however, Ford continued to lose money and, as a result, the Continental left the market in 1960.

The fourth-generation Continental rejoined the Lincoln brand and saw more success, spanning 1961 to 1969. The full-size luxury car came in a four-door convertible and a hardtop coupe and sedan. Sales peaked at over 54,000 units sold in 1966 but fell slowly the following years.

Spanning 1970 to 1979, the Lincoln Continental's fifth generation. The luxury car received various refreshes year after year until the sixth generation made its debut in 1980. Skipping the 1981 model year, the Lincoln Continental broke into the market once more for the seventh generation. From 1982 to 1987, the car was exclusively offered in a four-door sedan style.

The eighth and ninth generation spanned 1988 to 1994 and 1995 to 2002 respectively. Despite modernizing the Continental's design, sales plummeted from 35,000 in 1998 to just 280 in 2003. That led to the cancellation of the Continental and the tenth generation has been a long time coming.

The Lincoln Continental is making its long-awaited return to roadways for the 2017 model year. Given the Continental's reputation and prestige, it's no surprise enthusiasts are excited for the movie-star car to make its official return. Best of all, you can pre-order the 2017 Lincoln Continental from us here at Plaza Lincoln!

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