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Driving a long distance, whether for a family vacation or work, isn't like heading to work on a daily commute. There are many more hazards, including fatigue, that threaten your journey. Growing drowsy or failing to pay attention could lead to a disaster. Here are a few long distance driving tips that will help you get to your destination safely.


Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before you head out on the road. Eating a snack (or breakfast) prior to driving is a great way to stave off drowsiness. If all else fails, try a coffee or another caffeinated drink.

If you're feeling particularly tired, pull over and take a quick nap. It's better to lose an hour on the road than never arrive at your destination due to a car accident. Pull over to stretch every few hours to remain alert.

Know the Laws

Different states have different laws. It can pay off in the long run to do some basic research of what is and is not allowed behind the wheel. Talking on the phone while driving, for example, is illegal in some states and will result in a traffic ticket.

Many vehicles, including the Lincoln Continental, come equipped with hands-free connectivity for compatible smartphones. Most patrol officers won't accept ignorance as an excuse. It's better to be safe than sorry!


Check the weather forecast for your route daily for the week prior to leaving for your trip. Doing so can give you an idea of what lies ahead. Severe weather, like heavy rains in a flooding area, could cause you to change your plans and avoid a dangerous situation. It doesn't hurt to check the weather on your smartphone at rest stops either.

Make sure to have your Lincoln inspected prior to any long road trip at Plaza Lincoln of Leesburg.

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