2017 Lincoln Continental Dashboard Indicator Lights 

Ensuring that your vehicle is in top shape is vital to keeping it running properly. Fortunately, vehicle dashboards include a number of lights that indicate different issues your vehicle might be experiencing. Keep an eye out for these lights during your travels to guarantee a safe trip. 

Knowing what dashboard indicator lights mean can help you determine whether it's safe to keep driving. Some dashboard lights are relatively minor, but others mean that you need to stop the car and turn off the engine immediately. Here are the meanings behind a few Lincoln indicator lights to help you stay safe on the road.

Check Engine:

This could apply to many things, but mostly it means that the engine has sent a code to the vehicle's computer that needs to be professionally read and diagnosed. This code could indicate anything from mechanical issues to a problem with the sensor itself.

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Battery/Charging Alert:

If you're seeing this alert, it may mean that something is wrong with the battery or charging system. You might need to replace your battery or even simply make sure your connections are tight.

Oil Change Reminder:

If it has been a few months since your last oil change, then you may see this alert as a reminder to get your vehicle regularly serviced and to have your oil and oil filter changed.

Low Oil Pressure:

This is more urgent than an oil change reminder. It indicates low oil pressure, which could contribute to lasting engine damage or total engine failure if the parts in the engine overheat or aren't properly lubricated.

Brake System:

Your brake system is crucial to your safety on the road. This warning light indicates an issue with your brakes, brake pad, brake fluid, pistons, or some other aspect of the braking system.

Coolant Temperature Warning:

This could be an issue with anything from the radiator cap to coolant level or leaks. In any case, it's crucial to have your engine maintained at a proper temperature to prevent overheating.

ABS Light:

Have a professional diagnose the code that caused this light to come on, which indicates an issue with the Anti-lock Braking System.

Gas Cap:

You left the gas cap off of the vehicle, most likely while refueling. This isn't an urgent matter; simply pull over when you can and replace it.

Door Ajar:

One of the doors or the trunk of your vehicle was not properly shut.

Washer Fluid Reminder:

The windshield wiper fluid reservoir is either low or empty and should be refilled soon.

Adaptive Cruise Control:

A relatively new safety technology, Adaptive Cruise Control adjusts driving speed in order to maintain a set following distance between vehicles. The indicator light will appear when the driver turns it on. At first, it will be a white light, indicating that the speed control is not activated. When the light turns green, it means that speed control is activated.

Engine Coolant Temperature:

The engine coolant temperature light looks similar to a thermometer being dipped into water. It indicates that the coolant temperature is far too high. If this light turns on, stop the car and turn off the engine immediately. You can then wait for the engine coolant temperature to drop or call for a tow truck.

Lane Keeping Aid:

Another new safety technology, the Lane Keeping Aid indicator light looks similar to a car driving between road lines. It turns on when the system is activated.

Stability Control:

Stability Control optimizes handling and traction for the best ride possible. There are two indicator lights for this system. The first appears similar to a swerving car and lights up when the indicator is active and upon turning on the car. If the light does not turn off, then the vehicle should be inspected immediately.

The second indicator light appears when the Stability Control system is turned off. It looks similar to the active indicator light, but has the word "off" below the tire tracks.

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